Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winx Club

Winx is a cartoon for girls. The main character is Bloom who is the strongest winx fairy. Each fairy has different powers depending on their best ability.

The first season was mostly how Bloom an ordinary girl turns out to be the fairy of burning flames, she finds out that she was adopted by her parents. Her father found her in a burning building and decided to adopt her. The winx and the rest of the fairies go to magical school known as Alfia. There Bloom makes tons of friends and enemies. The enemies of this season were the three witches icy, Darcy and stormy also known as Triks . In the second season bloom finds another friend Layla the fairy of tides, she was attacked by darker the evil wizard. Darker frees the three witches that were sent to prison, and together both armies plan to take on Alfia. As the seasons end the winx also acquire new powers and forms the first was enchantix then came beliewinx and eventually they got sophix the gift of nature and the latest form lovix the ice powers.

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