Saturday, June 26, 2010


A popular gamecube games and also very popular in playstation 2 games a nicklodeon cartoon series.

It is about little children and their comedy first is Tommy who is a two year old boy and is kind but stupid, then comes Chucky the 3 year old scared crater the is always scared and takes caution even in drinking water, but he sometimes over reacts as he is shown as a nerd, after that are Phil and Lil the 2 year old twins who are stupid and gross the like to eats mud and animals, Next is Angelica the 5 year old girl who bossess around with the rugrats and their dog Spike, but in some episodes Susie who is also a 5 year old and Angelicas classmate helps and defens the rugrats from Angelica. Most episodes where about how Angelica told the rugrats that being bad was good and she made them steal cookies, and if they didnt she who scare them with animals like Sascoach and Boggieman. Later an updated version of rugrats was released known as All Grown up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scooby Dooby Doo

To talk about scooby dooby doo.

scooby dooby doo is a cartoon about a dog who is called scooby and his owners are a gang of mystery solvers they are: Fred the boy who is a good sports player Dhapnie the girl who is very very cautious with dressing, Villma the genius she actually puts all the clues together and solves the puzzle and of coarse shaggy the scardy cat boy and scooby's best friend. and they ride in the mystery machine, their automobile.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camp Lazlo

Camp Lazlo is about Raj, Lazlo and that rhino who dosent speak a word.

Camp Lazlo is a comedy cartoon about a bunch of scouts in a camp kidney their names are Lazlo, Raj, and a pointy nameless rhino, Lazlo is a spider monkey while Raj is an Asian elephant and the third one is jut a plain Rhinoceros who does not speak more then two words at a time. The funniest character rated by the audience is scout master Lumpus and his apprentice. Just near by camp kidney is Camp acorn flats which are only for little girls. A game was also released featuring the Gameboy advance and its name was the leaky lake games.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phineas And Ferb

To talk about Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon about two boys who are in the middle of their 104 days of Summer Vacation and they just cant think of what to do! so each and every day they build something rather extraordinary and their sister Candace is always trying to bust them aided by her firend Stacey. They also have a platypus who pretends do be a normal platypus but on the other side it is a secret agent. Who has a duty of everyday destroying the plans of D.r Doofenshmerts. Phineas and Ferb also have a group of friends and the following are their names: Isabella, Buford, Bhajeet, and the camp girls! So they enjoy each day of their vacation by doing something fun!There are also many exciting movie Dvd's and series of this cartoon

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


To talk about Digimon data squad

Digimon data squad is a telivision series about how a group of digimon experts prevent the digimon to declare a certain death or war between humans and them, but now its up to Thomas, Marcus, Yoshino and their digimon partners Gallmon, Agumon, Lulumon and Gwapamon they first plan to take on mrokeemon but they find out he is just innocent and was controlled by karata the evil scientist and now it is up to them to beat karata and his belfamon when they defeat karata inthe last scens karata pushes a button which could cause the digimon world and the human world to collide! and the digimon experts have no aid

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kappa Mikey

Kappa Mikey is a famous Nickelodeon network presentation. The Main Characters are Mikey, Mit-Suki, Lily, Guano, Ozu and Gonard.

The story begins when Mikey Simon a nineteen-year-old boy wins a scratch card to become an actor in the Japanese show Lily Mu. There he meets Lily who only cares about her looks, Guano a small fluffy animal that is the writer of the show Lily Mu and lives off his own misery, Mit Suki who is kind, gentle and polite but often has to pay the price of other people’s doings, Gonard who is the funny, stupid one and cares only about food and Ozu the boss of all these actors. The main humor comes from Mikey, as he is an American and stands out the other cast members visually. Mikey has eight fingers, single dotted eyes and thick outline the others are Japanese and have ten fingers, detailed eyes and thin outline.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hannah Montana

To talk about Hannah Montana the famous pop star singer

Hannah Montana is an American television series on Disney channel about a girl has two different lives, one as an ordinary teenage girl named Miley Stewart with a normal life and the other as a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana. She has a brother named Jackson Stewart who does not have a career like Miley and her father but even though takes scene on stage every now and then. Her friends are Oliver and Lilly who also know about her secret. Hannah Montana has several released songs such as ‘The other side of me’, ‘Nobody is perfect,’ and lots more!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Chowder is also a cartoon network series created by Green Blat. It is animated but has some Puppetry.

The main character is chowder a young chubby raccoon that is impulsive and wants to be a good chef so he decided to become Mung Dals Apprentice. Mung Dal is a legendary chef and Chowders Teacher and Snitzel is their assistant but Snitzel does not speak words he speaks some unknown language which includes only one word which is ‘Rabba Rabba’. Mung Dal also has a wife named Truffles, she is a small fat woman and a mushroom pixie that is always flying and hates Chowder. They also have a competitor her name is Ms Endive and her apprentice is Panni a pink rabbit who has a crush on Chowder .Each episode has a puppet sequence for about 30 seconds with the credits. All the characters in Chowder are named after foods, to make the audience laugh.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Power Puff Girls

Power Puff Girls are a cartoon for girls. The main characters are Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Many online games are available.

Professor Utonium wanted to make a perfect little girl by adding sugar, spice and everything nice. But however due to the accidental addition of chemical X to the mixture the ingredient made three little girls each having super powers, but whose individual personality dominated by each one of the ingredients. Sugar for Bubbles Spice for Buttercup and everything nice for Blossom (Blossom is also considered as the leader of the Power Puff Girls). Most episodes were how the girls defended their town from villains and giant monsters the girls also had to deal with children issues such as bed-wetting and dependence on a security blanket. Blossom is the smart one and her colour signature is pink, she has long orange hair with a red bow she tends to parent buttercup and bubbles as they both fight a lot. Blossoms super power is Ice Breath. Bubbles is the baby of the group and her signature colour is blue, she has blond hair and two pigtails. Her best friend is Octi, a stuffed animal. Bubbles may look soft from the outside but can unleash massive power with rage if she is pushed to the limit. Her special ability is to talk with animals. Buttercup is the tough one and her colour signature is green, she has short black hair in a flip she possesses an aggressive attitude and hates having baths she is however shown by a softer side in some episodes for example cover up in this episode she has a soft blanket which gave her confidence to fight when she hugged it. Interestingly she is the only Power Puff Girl without any unique ability but it was found that she is the only tongue roller in Townsville.

The X-Men

To talk about X-Men the comic book and television series

X-men is a cartoon created by Stan Lee and the artist Jack Kirby; it is about a group of people possessing super powers such as levitation, telekinesis, teleportation, camouflage, super brain power and other un-natural human abilities . The first criminal to take scene in the comics was Magneto who planned to attack the X-men for a very long period of time. Many different versions were released of this cartoon in different places with different criminals and different issues. It was only a comic of Marvel productions until it was introduced on Television, movies were also released based upon this cartoon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom a production by Guy moon, and a popular Nickelodeon TV series

Danny Phantom is a story about boys whose parents are ghost finders and have several ghost gadgets on day Danny accidently stepped into one of their ghost gadgets (ghost teleporter) and turned half human and half ghost but many ghost breakthroughs endlessly occur in his town, and it is up to Danny to protect his town .one of his most worst enemies are vlad he is his uncle and his transformed form is Plasmius Vlad .ghosts are made up of ectoplasm. Danny has two friends tucker and Sam the Goth girl, and only they know his secret.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a popular cartoon network series. The main character Dan, along with his friends Shun, Runo, Alice, Julie, Marucho and later Joe.

A Bakugan is a small magnetic sphere which when thrown on a gate card turns into a highly strong and powerful warrior. This whole world of Bakugan in known as the parallel world Vestroia. The story starts when seven children see matallic cards falling from the sky and they name themselves Bakugan Battle Brawlers. They also have enemies Hal G Masquerade and Naga. The children also learn about the origin of Bakugan. In New Vestroia the Children are called to the newly restored Vestroia to stop the evil group known as Vexos. The children are allied with three new brawlers Mira, Ace and Baron; together they plan to take on the Vexos from controlling the new Vestroia.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob is a popular Nickelodeon cartoon the main character is Sponge Bob the Sponge.

Sponge Bobs best friend is Patrick the starfish and he has a lousy neighbor Squidward the squid and he goes to work with Squidward to the crusty crab the owner of this restaurant is Mr. Crabs who is always after money, the crusty crab also has an enemy named Plankton he is a small green thing trying to steal the secret formula of the crabby patty. Mr. Crabs also has a daughter named Pearl who is a giant grayish blue whale. Sponge Bob also has a snail Gary who is rather smarter than Sponge Bob his owner, but Garry cannot talk. Sponge Bob adores Jelly Fishing and Karate with Sandy the Squirrel. All these creatures live in a town known, as Bikini Bottom right next to Bikini Bottom is Rock Bottom, which is a rather scary place.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winx Club

Winx is a cartoon for girls. The main character is Bloom who is the strongest winx fairy. Each fairy has different powers depending on their best ability.

The first season was mostly how Bloom an ordinary girl turns out to be the fairy of burning flames, she finds out that she was adopted by her parents. Her father found her in a burning building and decided to adopt her. The winx and the rest of the fairies go to magical school known as Alfia. There Bloom makes tons of friends and enemies. The enemies of this season were the three witches icy, Darcy and stormy also known as Triks . In the second season bloom finds another friend Layla the fairy of tides, she was attacked by darker the evil wizard. Darker frees the three witches that were sent to prison, and together both armies plan to take on Alfia. As the seasons end the winx also acquire new powers and forms the first was enchantix then came beliewinx and eventually they got sophix the gift of nature and the latest form lovix the ice powers.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fairly Odd Parents

Fairly odd parents is a cartoon about a boy named Timmy who has two fairy godparents. The name of these two-fairy god parents are Cosmo and Wanda.

These two fairy godparents grant each and every wish of Timmy. Timmy’s teacher Mr. Crocker believes in fairy godparents and often suspects Timmy for having them. His parents are a little cruel but in some episodes very kind too. Timmy has baby-sitter who often treats Timmy badly but usually is after his parent’s money. It is a very funny cartoon created by Butch Hartman. This cartoon is most often shown by ‘Nickelodeon’ and ‘Disney’. It is a very interesting and funny cartoon, on which you cannot resist laughing! Please tell us which are your favorite cartoons by commenting, and we will talk about them too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is about a child named Ash Ketchum who wants to be the best Pokémon trainer in the whole wide world. His starter Pokémon is a cute, but obstinate little Pikachu. Together with his friends and Pokémon he plans to be the best Pokémon Trainer there ever was. Team Rocket is a group of Pokémon thieves they also are ashes’ enemies. Ash is a Pokémon trainer and his aim is to collect Pokémon badges by defeating leaders and entering the Pokémon league his side way course is to enter beauty contests and by earning ribbons to enter the Grand Finale Pikachu is one Pokémon that always stays out of its poke ball and sits on ash’s shoulder. Total four seasons have been released.the first Pokémon game was red and blue then came the update to name Pokémon games by stone names for example emerald sapphire ruby quartz and gold. i would really advise you to watch pokemon and the movies as they are simply dashing and awesome my favourite pokemon is lugia.


Teen titans is a famous cartoon the main characters are robin star fire beast boy raven and robin

Their main goal is to defeat slaid who is a master of combat as well as strategy and is their mortal enemy. Star fire shoots fireballs beast boy can transform himself to any animal.Cyboard is half human and half robot he is great with technology and shoots lasers. Raven is a shadow whaler she was originally a criminal but joined forces with the good guys. She can also create dimensional portals and bend time and space. Robin shoots all sorts of gadgets; he has learned martial arts very well and is a karate champion. Together they are on the mission to defeat all the bad guys.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tom And Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a very funny cartoon to make the audience laugh, although it is a cartoon for toddlers it is watched, admired and enjoyed by children of all ages.

The main idea or concept of the cartoon is to show the never ending rivalry between a cat and mouse. The name of the cat is tom, who is colured somewhat in a bluish-grey.While on the other hand Jerry is a cute, brown little mouse [rodent] .Tom is always planning mean tricks and pranks to play on Jerry, at other times he is hungry and wants to eat him. But Jerry carefully avoids them. In some episodes he is often visited by several of his friends.