Monday, July 5, 2010

The Replacements

To talk about The Replacements.

The replacements is a cartoon about a brother and a sister who live in a boarding scool and wanted to run away but one day they found a addvertisment in a magazine that said with only a little amout of money you can replace anyone in the world unlimited ly the owner of this replacing oraganization is fleemco. So Todd and Riley took the opportunity and replaced their dad with a kind and stupid stunt man dad and their mother with a spy agent, they replaced their old parents because they were greedy and only cared about money and not their kids. So now they have a big house lovig parents and an almost friendly neighbourhood. Most episodes are about how the siblings annoy each other and replace people for no good.Riley is the smart cute and honest one, while Todd is the stupid, self centered charming one.

Blue Dragon

Blue dragon is a design by Final Fantasy, originally a flop in China and Japan but a star in the United States and southern Asia.

It is a story about a group of friends Shu, Kluke, Jiro, Zola and Marumaro. The cartoon follows action and close combat as Shu and his friends learn how to control their shadow wealing powers. The first season was all about combat and fighting. The second season is about testing the shadow powers and fusion Kluke and Shu can fuse their Shadows together to form a Blue Armored Dragon With pink outlines of his attacks. One of their worst enimies are the White Guardians who will kill anyone with shadow wealing powers.