Saturday, November 20, 2010


Bolt is one of the most funny and most favourite movies. It is about a male dog who is a telivison star, the dog has an owner, a girl Penny. Bolt thinks he can use powers like super bark or nail bend, but due to some mishap or accident Bolt is led to the wild. There he is stuck alone till a bunch of birds tell him about the cat near by. The cat along with Bolt and a hamster who is a Bolt fan go together on a journey to go to Penny. As i said before it is very funny, the hamster thinks that Bolt is a real star becausehe saw him in a magic box(telivision) and bold is afraid of stlyfoam. I hope you will enjoy this movie its funny, cute and adventureous.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Giant Friend

My giant friend is a cartoons about a boy who met an alien and now he became friends with that alien, the alien's name is Boom he has a large physical appearance, he has a red body with wild yellow eyes. Boom has two apparances one is in his human form and the other is in his alien form he has two forms because there is a company after aliens that is why Boom disguised himself into this human structue or figure.

Friday, October 29, 2010


A cartoon serries of an ogre who wants to live happily in his little swamp but it is stolen from him and he is blackmailed. Shrek soon marries a half human and half ogre girl, shreks best friends are donkey and puss in boots. Shrek is a serries with a mixture of all fairy tales. Shrek forever after is the latest movie serries of shrek it about rumple stilk skin the famous fairy tale character who messes things up for shrek and makes shreks life an unbearable living disaster it is a fully fun packed movie and i really want you to enjoy it. Tell me if you likes or disliked the movie simply by commenting on my post.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Death Note

A cartoon about a boy named Light Yagoni who meets a god of death who hands him a death note.The death note is a notebook if you write a persons name in it he/she will die immediately. But their are detectives like L and ryakuza who are after Light Yagoni. the death god of light's note book is Ryukk a shinigami who loves apples and his father is a cop who is after the murderer named kira! who actually is light yagoni. !his son

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Replacements

To talk about The Replacements.

The replacements is a cartoon about a brother and a sister who live in a boarding scool and wanted to run away but one day they found a addvertisment in a magazine that said with only a little amout of money you can replace anyone in the world unlimited ly the owner of this replacing oraganization is fleemco. So Todd and Riley took the opportunity and replaced their dad with a kind and stupid stunt man dad and their mother with a spy agent, they replaced their old parents because they were greedy and only cared about money and not their kids. So now they have a big house lovig parents and an almost friendly neighbourhood. Most episodes are about how the siblings annoy each other and replace people for no good.Riley is the smart cute and honest one, while Todd is the stupid, self centered charming one.