Sunday, May 30, 2010


We all love to know about Bey blade, blade cartoon, bey blade cartoon pictures, bey blade game PC Disney cartoons so here it is for you.

It is a comedy and fun cartoon about tops or as they call it in the cartoon ‘Bey blades’ .It is a Japanese cartoon, with the main character as a boy names Tyson. This cartoon Bay blade is released in different seasons where Tyson and his friends encounter different enemies. In the first Season Tyson’s friends loose the tournament but Tyson wins all the battles and becomes the Champion. A movie of Bey blade was also released it was called ‘The fierce battle’. It is a very good game which can be played online and also on Game boy and Play station 2.


Bleach cartoon, bleach series is most famous in teenagers. They love to talk about Orihime, Rukia, Renji and Ichigo.

Bleach is a cartoon for teenagers which is about a boy names Ichigo who is a normal person, until he met Rukia who is a soul reaper, a soul reaper is a person who carries a sword and knows some type of spells to destroys bad spirits which are known as ‘Hollows ’.Ichigo also decides to become a soul reaper and then they together go to the soul society where they meet other soul reapers as well. After reaching the soul society he and his friends Ishida (he is a Quincy, a person who can change spiritual particles from the atmosphere into energy blasts and can shoot them in the form of arrows), Chad (he is also a friend who has super strength)
Orihime (she has the power to heal even the deepest cuts and incurable wounds) Renji (he is another soul reaper like Ichigo). Rukia also is a soul reaper and the master of spells known as Kiado.their main aim is to stop hollows to enter the real world and to keep Aizen from mastering the secrets of the hougukou. Aizen is the King of the arrancars (an arrancars is a creature which is half-hollow and half human).Most Bleach games cannot be played online but only on a Gameboy, hope you liked reading it!

Grim Reaper

This cartoon is about a boy named Billy and a girl named Mandy. They used to live a natural life until they met the Grim Reaper.

They bet with the Grim Reaper to a game of Limbo, if he won he would get to destroy or either gets to keep their pet, but if they won he would have to be friend with them forever. In the end Billy and Mandy won, so Grim was forced to be friends with them forever. For the first few days after the bet Billy and Mandy used to make fun of Grim and sometimes even tortured him. Many episodes of this comedy and adventure cartoon were released and even some movies were also released representing this cartoon, such as Billy and Mandy’s big boogey adventure and lots more. Many games of this cartoon were released to be played on a Gameboy, computer or a play station.

Ben 10

Ben10 is a very famous game about how a young boy’s normal life changes into an alien fighting adventure.

Ben 10, a ten year old boy one day finds a weird looking wrist watch lying on the floor, without thinking of any possible consequence he pick it up and ties it around his hand after that he, his cousin and grand-father have an unimaginable experience unlocking the secrets of the omnitrix (the watch).While Ben is having a good time with the watch, he does not know that it is the most powerful weapon in the entire galaxy and due to this reason enemies await him to get the omnitrix and rule over the entire universe.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball z is a television series about how a supernatural world encounters danger the main character of the story is Goku.

He has special powers and the unique ability to transform him self to a super saiyan.the story begins in the opening when Gohan is kidnapped and it is up to Goku to save him. Soon the super natural world discovers that some unwanted company are about to encounter their world they are android 18 and android 19 these both are the creations of the evil scientist Dr Gerao than appears the muted organism named Cell; he is worse than the androids as he absorbs one of them and gains the power of the dragon balls but android 18 some how escapes and her heart moves to pity and she joins the good side. It is up to them;

Gotenks (he is the fusion of Trunks and Goten)