Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bleach cartoon, bleach series is most famous in teenagers. They love to talk about Orihime, Rukia, Renji and Ichigo.

Bleach is a cartoon for teenagers which is about a boy names Ichigo who is a normal person, until he met Rukia who is a soul reaper, a soul reaper is a person who carries a sword and knows some type of spells to destroys bad spirits which are known as ‘Hollows ’.Ichigo also decides to become a soul reaper and then they together go to the soul society where they meet other soul reapers as well. After reaching the soul society he and his friends Ishida (he is a Quincy, a person who can change spiritual particles from the atmosphere into energy blasts and can shoot them in the form of arrows), Chad (he is also a friend who has super strength)
Orihime (she has the power to heal even the deepest cuts and incurable wounds) Renji (he is another soul reaper like Ichigo). Rukia also is a soul reaper and the master of spells known as Kiado.their main aim is to stop hollows to enter the real world and to keep Aizen from mastering the secrets of the hougukou. Aizen is the King of the arrancars (an arrancars is a creature which is half-hollow and half human).Most Bleach games cannot be played online but only on a Gameboy, hope you liked reading it!


  1. BANKAI!! Senbonzakura, Kageyoshi!! Byakuya is the best shinigami ever! what do u say?

  2. Nice blog bro!! way to go!! and yea...ichigo beats tyson any given day!! hehe :D

  3. no i like Gin Ichimaro the best cuz he has such a calm behaviour.