Saturday, June 26, 2010


A popular gamecube games and also very popular in playstation 2 games a nicklodeon cartoon series.

It is about little children and their comedy first is Tommy who is a two year old boy and is kind but stupid, then comes Chucky the 3 year old scared crater the is always scared and takes caution even in drinking water, but he sometimes over reacts as he is shown as a nerd, after that are Phil and Lil the 2 year old twins who are stupid and gross the like to eats mud and animals, Next is Angelica the 5 year old girl who bossess around with the rugrats and their dog Spike, but in some episodes Susie who is also a 5 year old and Angelicas classmate helps and defens the rugrats from Angelica. Most episodes where about how Angelica told the rugrats that being bad was good and she made them steal cookies, and if they didnt she who scare them with animals like Sascoach and Boggieman. Later an updated version of rugrats was released known as All Grown up!

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