Saturday, June 12, 2010


Chowder is also a cartoon network series created by Green Blat. It is animated but has some Puppetry.

The main character is chowder a young chubby raccoon that is impulsive and wants to be a good chef so he decided to become Mung Dals Apprentice. Mung Dal is a legendary chef and Chowders Teacher and Snitzel is their assistant but Snitzel does not speak words he speaks some unknown language which includes only one word which is ‘Rabba Rabba’. Mung Dal also has a wife named Truffles, she is a small fat woman and a mushroom pixie that is always flying and hates Chowder. They also have a competitor her name is Ms Endive and her apprentice is Panni a pink rabbit who has a crush on Chowder .Each episode has a puppet sequence for about 30 seconds with the credits. All the characters in Chowder are named after foods, to make the audience laugh.

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